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This control is easy to use, I promise! First, add a reference to the DLL file. Next, include it in your XAML page by adding

in the "phone:PhoneApplicationPage" section. Next, create the control using something like this:
            <timePicker:timeWheel Grid.Row="1" Width="480" Height="480" x:Name="TimePicker"                                       TimeChangedEvent="TimePicker_TimeChangedEvent"/>

The "TimeChangedEvent" specified above will be called whenever the user changes one of the sliders. An example implementation of this event is as follows:
        private void TimePicker_TimeChangedEvent(object sender, win8TimePicker.TimeChangedEventArgs e)
            MessageBox.Show("You have choosen " + e.Hour.ToString() + ':' + e.Minute.ToString());

You can get the selected hour and minute using the following:

Finally, you can manually set the picker's time using this:
             this.TimePicker.setTime(10, 30);

This will set the time to 10:30 in the morning. That's all, enjoy the library! Please feel free to check out my other projects at, and email me with comments at Thanks!

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